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Anonymous asked: Hi Mitzy, I love your cosplays they r beautiful. I'm just wondering what's your take on parent's who don't support Cosplay and think going to cons is a waste of time and money?

Most of my friends have this problem, where their parents don’t support their cosplaying. Luckily I don’t, my mom love my cosplaying, she even know most of my characters by name. I honestly don’t understand the distaste toward cosplay that a lot of parents seem to have. I’d much rather have a nerdy costume wearing child then having them sneaking out, getting drink, sleeping around. 

But eh *shrugs*

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A challenge from the Loberia Girls’ Academy! (Ep.9)

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Hocus Pocus. / Costumes: Castle Corsetry / Models: Birds of Play as Winifred and Sarah Sanderson, Chrissy Lynn as Mary Sanderson & Strange Like That Cosplay as Billy Butcherson / Photographer: Joits Photography 

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Anonymous asked: it sounds so fucking arrogant when you call yourself pretty like that lmao




But I am pretty look at me im so pretty it’s not arrogance when it’s literally just a fact im so pretty



I like this.

If a man tells you you’re pretty, it’s supposed to be this amazing gift you cherish forever.

If you tell a man you’re pretty, you’re a horrible, shallow, awful person and it isn’t true.

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what a beautiful person

And to the introverted theatre kids, public speakers with social anxiety, and florists with allergies. 

Somewhere in the distance, Beethoven’s ghost is applauding.

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When The Old Gods Return.

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I’ll be honest in saying I don’t usually have much confidence in sewing my own cosplays without help from a friend or my mom. But, this one is turning out surprisingly well so far for me having done it all by myself. Still have to make the skirt and add some details, but I hope to do a photoshoot soon!! TT A TT

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I present the most badass gifset on Tumblr.

Legitimately turned on by this

This is the best thing.

Oh my god

I don’t even know this fandom and this is cool.

Reason #999 why the cartoon will always be ONE MILLION PERCENT better than that travesty of a movie. They did so much research and put so much detail in you don’t even notice.

Bonus trivia: Toph got a unique martial arts style to match her distinct version of Earthbending (Southern Praying Mantis style, I think) which the creators found out later was (according to legend) invented by a blind woman. Totally a coincidence, but still so fucking cool.

(If you don’t watch the show, Toph is both blind from birth and the best damn Earthbender in the world. Also, GO WATCH THE SHOW.)

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Regarding Cosplay Modeling

Because people decided to blow up the hole Cosplay/Modeling thing. To me Modeling is a career, yes, but I know Models that do it as a hobby. Art Models do not get an income, infact they do it strictly for the sake of sharing art. Cosplay is an art and thus I address myself as a Cosplay Model. 

People have their opinions and that’s justified as is me having my own opinion. I WOULD like to make a career out of cosplaying, so in a sense, I suppose I could be considered a model in the definition that to be a model is to have a career. 

I am not paid, I do not pay the bills with Cosplay, but I like to think being invited to a convention as a guest, it being my entry paid for, or even my entire trip paid for by said convention, is payment enough. Yes I go back to normal life once I’m home, I work a full time job, I pay bills, but cosplay is what I love. To be asked to attend conventions as a guest is a huge honor to me and that’s payment enough to consider myself a “Cosplay Model”. 

Sorry for the misunderstand.

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Anonymous asked: Hey, Mitzy, I admired your work for a while. However, I do think its weird that you and many cosplayers refer to themselves as a model. I mean, if you haven't been to a Go-See before, or never done work with an agency -- then you're really not a model. Cosplayer, yes, Model, no.





That’s false. There are plenty of Models that do it strictly as a hobby. I know many alternative models that have never worked with agencies. I wouldn’t say with the amount of time, effort in sets, photographers and the amount of money that goes into my costumes, that I’m not a model. Just because I’m not on a magazine cover or doing runway doesn’t mean I’m not a model. My images have been used on Convention websites, badges and logos. I’ve modeled for professional photographers and I’ve been invited to large conventions as a “face” of cosplay. 

I spend a lot of time working on posing, modeling, makeup, looks and everything inbetween. You don’t have to be paid to be a model. With how many cosplayers I’ve worked with as a photographer myself, I would never NOT call a cosplay subject a model, because that is what they are. They are a model for my camera. They have their websites, they promote their work, they make a name for themselves. 

Cosplayer, yes, Model, yes. 

I honestly find this anon comment to be a bit disrespectful and also offensive as a Cosplay Model and Cosplay Photographer.

But you may have your opinion. It’s your opinion. 

Ahhh, this is actually a topic I feel really strongly about and I wanted to take a minute to address my personal opinion on the matter, since it’s a topic alot of people have many different views and ideas on. I get asked quite a bit why I don’t consider myself a “model” as well as a cosplayer, and here is why—
(Feel free to disagree, since this is just my personal thoughts on the matter from a “realist” point of view~)

"Modeling" is a /profession/. 

Cosplay is a /hobby/.

Some people mistake cosplay for a profession but taking sponsorships or being a guest cosplayer are not an /employment/. Just because they pay your way there or offer you free merch does not give you an INCOME. It is not something you can put on a resume.
That is what makes the difference between cosplaying and modeling.

I’ve been a guest cosplayer once, and have recently just been asked by two other conventions to guest for them as well. That does not make me the “face” of the convention, because it isn’t “Kikicon”, and getting a free badge or a hotel does not pay my bills. I’m just there as a cosplayer who’s been doing it long enough to be able to judge other’s skits, stage presence, and craftsmanship. Outside of that con, or outside of that costume, nobody cares who you are and your bills still aren’t payed.

TLDR; While cosplayers DO have to have a good background on modeling to make it look really appealing or flattering, they are not /models/ because modeling is a profession, and cosplaying is a hobby. (whether or not you’re a “popular” cosplayer or invited to cons)

ok except this girl who got this anon is disabled, so if she was able to build up enough self esteem to consider herself a model and wants to call herself a model, then why does anyone else care good lord thats so nitpicky to actually like, give a shit, especially in this specific case thats so disgusting and shitty to police how this girl wants to call herself like dang please go for a walk or s/t to everyone who genuinely gives a shit that this girl calls herself a model like DANG!!!!

Uhh, except for the fact that LittleBitx is my BEST FRIEND I SEE EVERY OTHER DAY, NO she is not “disabled”, and when she answered this, she PERSONALLY ASKED OTHER COSPLAYERS ON FB TO STATE THEIR OPINIONS because she wanted to hear what everyone else thought on the matter.

Like, please don’t make stuff up to try to make yourself look like social justice warrior or something ?????????????

I’m disabled? lol No! No I’m not. On the other hand, Kikikabuki is one of my bestfriends and not everyone shares the same opinions. She wasn’t “attacking” me, we are both opinionated people and I stated mine and she stated hers. The difference between Me and Kiki when it comes to Cosplaying, is she does it strictly for hobby sake, while I on the other hand would like to make a career out of it, so our view points vary. 

We both do it for fun, regardless but we have our own goals regarding the hobby.

I like to think of myself as a “Cosplay Model” not solely a model but a cosplay model. To me there is a difference. It has nothing to do with my self esteem, in fact my self esteem is very low. I appreciate the trying to defend me for whatever reason you have to do so, but there was no need to, because Kiki wasn’t attacking me to begin with.