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Anonymous asked: what you doing this weekend?

Sleeping, hopefully!

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Anonymous asked: i dare you to go out wearing 1 of your highest high heels and 1 flat shoe all day everyday for 2 whole days and post pics and short videos on here of you out wearing and walking in them everyday. flat shoe foot must be flat on floor at all times

lol what? Maybe on a weekend. XD

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I am constantly on both ends of this problem. 8|

 My liiifffee

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Well I’m doing the 6 Selfies Challenge! I’m extremely self conscious, but sometimes I feel like I look okay.

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Anonymous asked: I want fish

Go get fish then? 

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Anonymous asked: i noticed that you now have a G+ account? can we talk to you on there? o:

I never use my G+ account, the only reason I have it, is because you have to have one to make a youtube now a days. 

I recently made a Blogger account, which is also directly connected to G+

TT v TT;;

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electronelle asked: Wow your blog looks different! o: It's nice! Okay, let's see, have you ever worn mismatching shoes by accident and only realized at the end of the day?

lol Nope, haven’t done that, but I mismatch my socks rather frequently. XD

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